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• 44 games
• All games at Community Bank Stadium

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The fixture for all home games is:

Division Opposition Date Day Time
VYCW Keilor 13/03/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Keilor 13/03/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Hawthorn 21/03/2021 Sun 12pm
VYCM Hawthorn 21/03/2021 Sun 2pm
VYCW Ballarat 27/03/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Ballarat 27/03/2021 Sat 8pm
NBL1 W Dandenong Rangers 17/04/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Dandenong Rangers 17/04/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Dandenong 24/04/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Dandenong 24/04/2021 Sat 8pm
NBL1 W Melbourne Tigers 1/05/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Melbourne Tigers 1/05/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Knox 8/05/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Knox 8/05/2021 Sat 8pm
NBL1 W Kilsyth Cobras 22/05/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Kilsyth Cobras 22/05/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Ringwood 23/05/2021 Sun 12pm
VYCM Sandringham 23/05/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Eltham Wildcats 29/05/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Eltham Wildcats 29/05/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Hume 30/05/2021 Sun 12pm
VYCM McKinnon 30/05/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Bendigo Braves 5/06/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Bendigo Braves 5/06/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Sunbury 6/06/2021 Sun 12pm
VYCM Waverley 6/06/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Hobart Chargers 19/06/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Hobart Chargers 19/06/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Kilsyth 26/06/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Kilsyth 26/06/2021 Sat 8pm
NBL1 W Geelong Supercats 27/06/2021 Sun 12pm
NBL1 M Geelong Supercats 27/06/2021 Sun 2pm
VYCW Nunawading 3/07/2021 Sat 6pm
VYCM Nunawading 3/07/2021 Sat 8pm
NBL1 W Ballarat Miners/Rush 4/07/2021 Sun 12pm
NBL1 M Ballarat Miners/Rush 4/07/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Frankston Blues 10/07/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Frankston Blues 10/07/2021 Sat 8pm
VYCW Sandringham 11/07/2021 Sun 12pm
VYCM Melbourne 11/07/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Knox Raiders 18/07/2021 Sun 12pm
NBL1 M Knox Raiders 18/07/2021 Sun 2pm
NBL1 W Mt Gambier Pioneers 24/07/2021 Sat 6pm
NBL1 M Mt Gambier Pioneers 24/07/2021 Sat 8pm