Player Resources


Steve Nash 20 Minute Workout

18 1 Boy’s Head Coach Marcus Todd has a fantastic home workout by Basketball legend Steve Nash that we encourage all of our athletes to give a go!

Watch the video and listen to what Steve has to say before using the PDF to try it out yourself!


Cody Toppert 15 Minute Basketball Workout 

Former NBA Coach (and now NCAA Assistant Coach to Penny Hardaway) Cody Toppert reveals a simple 15-minute series that he has nearly ALL of his players perform every single day. Add this to your daily routine and watch your fundamentals transform!


Leonard King – Shooting Technique 

Basketball New Zealand U13 Skills Day with Leonard King working on shooting technique.


Damin Altizer – 10 Minute Point Guard Workout 

Coach Damin Altizer reveals a lightning-quick skill workout for Point Guards that can be done in just 10 minutes and trains every foundational Point Guard skill you need in your game.