Last Sunday, Diamond Valley Basketball referees met at DVSFC, for the Annual General Meeting for 2019. Referees from all different grades gathered together to discuss different agendas for the year, including new rule interpretations that have been brought in by Basketball Victoria. Additionally, pathways for B grade referees were also discussed, providing key information to anyone wanting to aim for an elite level of refereeing.

Trish Mckinnon, Referee Advisor at Diamond Valley Basketball Association, caught up with us to discuss her thoughts on the AGM;

“Being the start of the new year, it has been a busy time with new referee schools underway and games returning for the Junior & Senior Domestic seasons. It was fantastic to see so many people from our program, and even seeing upcoming referees from our school attending the meeting, which was great initiative on a 38-degree day! I am looking forward to the new year ahead for all our Diamond Valley referees.”

If you would like to become a referee at Diamond Valley Basketball Association, please contact for further details on how you can apply!