Diamond Valley Basketball Association is in for an exciting year in the Senior Championship scope! Our Youth League and NBL1 teams are up and running and we have a couple of new faces joining our coaching squad. All Coaches have the experience and winning mentality needed to ensure 2020 is going to be a great year!

Introducing our Senior Championship Head Coaches for 2020…



This will be Robbie’s first year as a Senior Championship Coach at Diamond Valley, also taking on one of our Coaching Coordinator roles. With a long and successful coaching career he brings with him a breadth of experience in both the Junior and Senior competitions.

Some of his roles include Head Coach of Youth League and SEABL Women, Coaching Coordinator of the Knox Raiders Girls Program, and Head Coach of several National Classic and VC teams. ” I am really looking forward to watching the development of the younger girls and waiting to see how the more experienced girls take on the leadership roles.”



This will be Braden’s fourth year coaching the Youth League Men and he is looking forward to their most successful season yet.

“I am really looking forward to giving a new generation of juniors the opportunity to progress into the Senior Championship level.”


Hannah is joining Diamond Valley after 2 years of being involved with the WNBL circuit. She has an array of experience in the US College system, SEABL, NBL1 and WNBL. This sees her with the experience to implement systems from this level of basketball and give our Diamond Valley players the opportunity to excel and advance beyond the NBL1 league.

“I pride myself on my ability to engage with players, build meaningful and professional relationships and my ability to have hard conversations and generally build working teams. I think mutual respect is a big part of that. Also being able to hold all members of any given team to the same standard.”


Grant Wallace is back for 2020 and ready to coach his new NBL1 team through a successful season. This will be Grant’s third season coaching Diamond Valley’s SEABL/NBL1 Men and he is certain it will be the best season yet.

“ I believe we have successfully assembled a team of majority Diamond Valley Eagles and neighbouring associations junior players to represent the North in 2020. It is an even and exciting group of outstanding people.  Enthusiasm is high in the team, as is the work ethic to ensure we continuously improve as we have over the past two seasons.”