Diamond Valley Basketball Association is in for an exciting year in the Senior Championship scope. After a rocky 2020, our Youth League and NBL1 teams are up and running and we have a couple of new faces joining our coaching squad!


Introducing our Senior Championship Head Coaches for 2021…

Youth League Women : Angelka Coter

Gel has spent the last few years coaching our Under 18’s girls, this is her first season as our Youth League Women’s Head Coach and we are so excited to have her on board!

“After having a season affected due to COVID-19, there’s one thing we know for sure and that is that season 2021 is going to be a season like no other. There has been lots of excitement brewing over the months to get this season underway and to see that excitement and determination to play out on court, all within a brand-new group of young, talented female athletes is a sight to be seen. 

I’m looking forward to seeing an emerging group of this club’s juniors step out on to the floor for the first time and make their senior basketball debut, all alongside our wonderful and dedicated returning seniors.

I’m looking forward to being awarded the honor and privilege of leading and coaching this new group, who are already showing us their character and a passion for excellence both on and off the floor. 

I’m looking forward to witnessing their growth and development and to see them all come together with a common goal to inspire our club’s even younger junior athletes. All so that our entire program has that opportunity to feel empowered and realize their full potential through their journey from becoming juniors into seniors. 

A team is also never complete without a strong support system, and to have Nathan Batchelor as a part of our coaching staff who will also be a part of our journey and lead our squad is also something I am really looking forward to.  

And lastly, I’m looking forward to seeing our community come together be it close or from a far to support our program and after all this time away be a part of a season that truly will be a special one.”

Youth League Men: Dylan Theis

For the 2021 season, Dylan Theis steps into the role of Head Coach for our Youth Champ Men’s program. Before the 2020 season was cut short, Dylan was preparing to assist Grant Wallace for the NBL1 Men’s team. Prior to moving to Diamond Valley, Dylan spent 5 seasons with the Coburg Giants, serving as an assistant for their Youth League 1 Men’s program for one season and then stepping into the role of Head Coach for the Division 2 Men’s program, guiding them to promotion to Division 1. 

Before moving to Australia, Dylan spent 2 seasons as a GA at Boise State University, and multiple seasons with DII programs University of Alaska Anchorage, Northwest Nazarene University, and Texas A&M International University, moving up from student manager to assistant coach through the years.

“I’m very excited and grateful to take over the strong program that Braden Cotter has established over the past few seasons, and am hoping to continue to build on the foundation that has been set. I’m also eager to continue working with Grant Wallace, along with my assistant coach Marcus Todd, in developing our youth players to be prepared to step into contributing roles with our NBL1 Men’s program”.

In addition to serving as Head Coach for the youth program, Dylan will continue to serve as the coaching coordinator for the boys VJBL program.


NBL1 Women:  Robbie Baldwin

This will be Robbie’s first year as our NBL1 Women’s Head Coach, also taking on the Coaching Coordinator role for the VJBL Girls program. With a long and successful coaching career he brings with him a breadth of experience in both the Junior and Senior competitions.

Some of his roles include Head Coach of Youth League and SEABL Women, Coaching Coordinator of the Knox Raiders Girls Program, and Head Coach of several National Classic and VC teams.

“I’m looking forward to bringing together some experienced heads with some of our promising juniors and watching how they gel together and seeing their development both individually and as a team over the course of the year.

We have had a very late start to recruiting and training due to various reasons and it’s been good to be able to start to put some pieces together and get on court and start to build a competitive unit.”


NBL1 Men: Grant Wallace

Grant has lead our Senior Men’s program since he joined us in 2018, his long coaching career and vast knowledge of the game has made our NBL1 Men a force to be reckoned with.


“In 2020 we assembled an excellent competitive NBL1 Men’s roster and all was looking very good for the Eagles for the 2020 season ahead and then we obviously had the Covid-19 shutdowns hit. 

Our 2021 roster will obviously look a little different with no import players and a heavy reliance on our local content.  And what a great opportunity presents for these young athletes.  And how thankful we are of the excellent development work completed by our Youth League program, headed by Braden Cotter, these past three years, which allows us to be in the healthy position to promote from within.

2021 will see a number of key veteran Eagles return, but it is the exciting depth of new junior northern region talent to showcase in the season ahead that should have Eagles fans optimistic of the future ahead!”