In light of the excellent announcement ending lockdown and return to play, DVBA can push forward with the return to play schedule as previously communicated.

Restrictions details for spectators for the next two weeks are as follows:

  • 1 parent or guardian per 18-and-under participant.
  • No other spectators allowed.
  • Ensure you check in using QR code on entry.
  • COVID Check-In Marshal will be present at all venues to assist with checking in all patrons.
  • Masks are mandatory indoors.


Junior Domestic

Grand Finals will go ahead the weekend of 31st July and 1st August.

We want to give families the opportunity to see their stars play, so we are hoping to LIVE STREAM all Grand Finals. More details on that will be given later on in the week.

Round 1 of Spring commencing 7th and 8th of August.



The VJBL round scheduled for Friday 30 July will proceed. As previously communicated, games that have already been missed from prior rounds cannot be caught up due to previous restrictions and no allocated spare weekends. The rule of 1 parent or guardian per 18-and-under participant applies to the VJBL also for the next two weeks.


Senior Domestic

Games will resume from Wednesday 28th. No spectators allowed.

Division 1 and Division 3 will not be playing this week due to byes.

Fixtures are online for Wednesday and Thursday. Div 5 fixture is having issues showing the correct round. It should be Round 4 not Round 5 so just click on the correct Round.


Big V and NBL1

Big V games vs Hume and McKinnon will resume this weekend with no spectators able to attend. Games missed over the last two weekends will be rescheduled with a fixture for the remaining games to be released soon.

NBL1 South will resume this weekend. Further information on rescheduled NBL1 South competition dates for rounds affected by the lockdown will be announced as soon as possible. No home games for DVBA this weekend.


Development Programs

This week Eagles development is cancelled. Next session on Wednesday 4th August spectator restrictions.

Aussie Hoops Laurimar- Next session on Friday 30th Spectator restrictions apply.

Aussie Hoops St Helena- Next session on Monday 2nd Spectator restrictions apply.

Aussie Hoops Parade- Next session on Tuesday 3rd Spectator restrictions apply.