Diamond Valley Basketball Association, Parade College and PRIME Athletes Australia are proud to announce the new DVBA Performance Program coming to our association!

Our personalised strength and conditioning program is one of the first in-house training programs in Australia for junior athletes, and is available to all participants of Diamond Valley Basketball, both Domestic and Rep. Our program will greatly reduce injury risk, as well as improve physical performance for all aspiring athletes.

“We’re really excited to be part of the DVBA Performance Program!
It’s a fantastic opportunity to introduce strength & physical development to more aspiring athletes.
Regardless of their skill level or training experience, we’re looking forward to coaching all athletes who are keen to be stronger, faster and better prepared for their sporting journey!”
– Joel and Cam, our program coaches from Prime Athletes.

DVBA would like to invite you to our online launch and information session for parents and athletes. The session will be held Monday 6th September, 7pm-8pm via Zoom.
Click here to join: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87866636033

The information session will cover the program details, dates and costs involved. The session will also provide some free advice, bodyweight movements, exercises & drills that will not only help prepare athletes to get back on court, but will also preview some of things in the performance program.