Due to the increased loss and inconsistent availability of referees, we have come to the decision we will need to adjust our Junior Domestic fixtures for the remainder of 2021.

This Saturday 4th December all U14 boys teams will be given a bye.

Saturday 11th December all U12 Girls and U14 girls will be given a bye.

Saturday 18th & 19th December competition will not be run, and all games effectively cancelled.

This is the added benefit of having an extended season, as registration should not be affected by the cancelled games and byes.

Grading has already been heavily affected by referee availability and vaccine requirements, so we will be extending our grading period into the new year for 2 weeks to help assist in making sure all teams will be graded fairly (no games this side of Christmas will count towards the ladder). The first 2 weeks in the new year (5th Feb & 12th Feb) will count towards the ladder for all age group U10s and older.

If any clubs would like to use any courts on the 18th and 19th of December, please let Matt know by Tuesday the 7th December, and we will pass that booking on to you. Otherwise, the court bookings will be cancelled. Any booking taken over by the clubs will be at the club’s cost, and if needed, will have to provide your own covid marshals.

We know this has been a trying year and we thank you for your patience and support.