The St Marys Sharks, the under 12.1’s, reached out to Raquel as they wanted to gain an extra edge leading into the finals which were just around the corner. The coach wanted Raquel’s’ help to develop the girl’s specific roles to help create strong combinations on court.

Raquel- spent time with the team during the game to work with the coach and the team to work out some plays and strategies to suit each player and their strengths.

This was an invaluable experience for the coach, as she could refer to Raquel for her feedback as they sat on the bench together and worked through their new plays to create a strong team on court at all times. It gave both the team and the coach a newfound confidence in being able to trust each other and their plan, so they could execute it accurately. The outcome was a success as each player new their role and played strong to take home a win.

The players and the coach are now confident to go into their final with the understanding and knowing that they have a strong strategy.

If you think you could use Raquels’ help and knowledge to support your team in reaching, it’s potential.

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