Coaching Support


We understand how daunting it can be to coach a team of young kids in basketball. But we want you to feel confident whilst on the court supporting your team. Our Community Development Manager, Raquel Connell has a wealth of experience coaching and wants to pass on her knowledge and experience to you! As part of our programs for 2022 we want to give our coaches across all of our domestic clubs the opportunity to grow and develop new skills in coaching to help bring out the best in each player that you coach.

You can choose to have Raquel support you on game day or at a training session.


You are a current coach at a domestic club that plays in the DVBA



Just click the links below and find a time for Raquel to come out and give you feedback, guidance and support at either a training session or game day.

Get in quick to secure Raquel’s time and valuable advice.

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