The DVBA Performance Program is a collaboration between DVBA & Youth Led to provide a Strength & Conditioning service for athletes in the DV community. Our gym, located just a short drive from DVBA HQ, offers a holistic General Physical Preparation Program for all things Athletic Performance. Whilst your team training sessions provide you with the skills to play the game, the DVBA Performance Program provides you with something a little different, but just as important. The program is an opportunity to develop the physical attributes needed to be a high performing athlete, whether it is being able to run faster, jump higher, or change direction quicker, we have the tools to be able to take your game to the next level, regardless of the level you are currently at.


What’s Included:

– Program Induction 

– Movement Assessment & Periodic Reviews 

– Personalized Programming 

– Small Group Training 

– Qualified Coaching Access to mentors and professionals from a variety of Performance based fields 

Address: 131A Main Street Greensborough, 3088 

Price: DVBA Performance Program: Junior Membership = $38.50 per week + $50.00 for Discovery Session


Instructions to Sign Up:

– Go to: Youth Led (mindbodyonline.com) 

– Click the ‘Sign Up’ button to create your account

– You can then purchase the ‘DVBA Performance Program: Junior Membership’ under the ‘My Info’ tab

– And book your Discovery Session under the ‘Appointments’ Tab

Contact Youth Led at: Home | Youth Led (youthledcoaching.com)

Contact Joel Norton on: 0423 772 699 or joelnorton02@gmail.com