Committing yourself to the development of every player on your team will be both a challenging and rewarding experience and here at Diamond Valley we highly encourage and welcome new coaches into our fold.

Here we will assist coaches at both domestic and representative levels by providing access to resources that will assist in your development as a coach. Basketball has easily become the most over-coached sport in the world, as coaches we need to learn to simplify the game and take athletes back to the fundamentals.

Some areas to consider in order to deliver a concise and simple message are:

Effective Planning

A well planned and thought out training session is the starting point of any team’s development and essential in ensuring players get the most out of practice. Focusing on the long-term goals needed to improve your team will allow you to effectively break down the short-term objectives into an organised session plan. Create training plans based on the short-term objectives your team needs to achieve and

Effective Communication

The way in which you share your basketball knowledge is a vital component in how effective your coaching will be. Always be consistent in your method to deliver feedback to all players whether its about skill, attitude or body language. Keeping your terminology consistent while implementing your weekly session plan will help to reinforce the points of emphasis. Having no more than three points of emphasis in each drill will help each player in understanding exactly what the focus is to improve. Praise, Prompt and Leave is a great feedback model where you Praise a player for something they have done well, Prompt them to make the adjustment needed and then Leave to address another player.

Skill Development

Fundamental skill acquisition should always be the focus of every session. Whilst every player, spectator and coach wants their team to win, time invested into fundamentals will ensure winning is a natural by-product. Fundamental development can be a mixture of more traditional drills and more fun and exciting drills that can be used to retain player interest.

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