DVBA’s Partnership
Outside the Locker Room


DVBA’s are proud partners with Outside the Locker Room.

The OTLR app is available to all players of DVBA Clubs and their participants, free of charge.

The OTLR welfare app provides each individual with access to welfare support, direct links to Lifeline and Lifeline text support as well as weekly check in surveys and resources.

Redefine Life Counselling Support provides OTLR participants with direct access to welfare support and referral connections which can also be accessed through the OTLR app and the OTLR website.

OTLR also provide Postvention Support with Sports Chaplaincy Australia and Standby, to provide partnered communities with the respect and care in the unfortunate event of a suicide, death or traumatic event, so our community does not have to navigate these difficult times alone.

Click OTLR Wellbeing Support App for more information and download and access the app today.