Diamond Valley Basketball is proud to participate in the NBL1 South’s First Nations Round, honouring the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous Australians.

Unique Uniforms Reflect Indigenous Culture

This year, the club collaborated with talented local First Nations artist Kya Ward to design new uniforms that beautifully showcase Indigenous culture. Kya’s artistic vision blends traditional elements with contemporary style, creating visually stunning and culturally significant uniforms.

Her artwork features intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and powerful storytelling. These aren’t just sports apparel; they’re wearable art that conveys messages of identity, heritage, and pride.

Symbols Hold Deep Cultural Meaning

The striking designs centre around three significant symbols:

Bunjil: The Wurundjeri creator spirit, represented by the Wedge-tailed Eagle. Bunjil symbolizes protection and guidance.

Wurun (Manna Gum Leaves): Representing welcome and inclusion, the Wurun leaves are used in smoking ceremonies to cleanse negativity.

Diamond: A symbol of resilience and strength, the diamond reflects the team’s spirit.

Cross-hatching: Another prominent art style, signifies teamwork and unity within the club. Meeting places depicted in the design represent the broader community’s love for the sport.

We look forward to our Club First Nations Round next Saturday 13th July at Diamond Valley Sports and Fitness Centre, where both our Men’s and Women’s teams will match-up against Geelong Utd. There will be a special pre-match Didgeridoo performance by Djarrin Strong, we will have a Welcome to Country ceremony and be launching our new Indigenous jerseys designed by Ky-ya Nicholson Ward from Wominjeka Djirringu Art. Don’t miss out, to get your Gameday tickets CLICK HERE.