Zara has been a referee since July 2022, becoming a referee was a choice of love of the game and always admiring the referees since beginning her junior years as a player. Currently holding her B grade level Zara is aspiring to achieve her A grade level in 2024.

Having played for 9 years for Diamond Creek in Junior Domestic competition, also playing 6 years in VJBL and still currently playing.
A highlight of Zara’s is having the opportunity to referee 3PO games in U18’s on Saturday’s, it’s “exciting to adapt and change positions on court and see the game from a different perspective to a regular 2PO.” Her hardest challenge when reffing is the running, she has more highlights though like reffing Junior Domestic finals and all the new friends made in the Diamond Valley Community. Congratulations to Zara, referee of the Month December 2023.

Fun facts – To relax Zara likes talking to friends, watching her favourite series and Avatar movies. Dream holiday is a summer Euro trip with her best friend, ideal holiday anywhere with the beach, hot weather and clear water, ideally in Europe!
Final note who is Zara’s favourite player; Zara doesn’t have a favourite, but does say as quoted “Flagpies24!”