Emma is an A Grade level referee and has been a reffing for 4 years at Diamond Valley. Emma’s passion to gain “better knowledge of the game” and see the game “from a different perspective”, were her driving forces to become a referee.

Emma has been a basketballer for 15 years, having previously played in DVBA’s Junior Domestic and VJBL competitions, currently playing in the Senior Domestic competition on a Thursday night. A highlight of Emma’s is reffing the Junior Domestic Grand Finals. Not taking on board “the comments and abusive language” is a challenge she faces, and not taking them “personally”. Emma enjoys reffing the U16’s age group the most! Congratulations to Emma, referee of the Month January 2024!

Fun facts – Emma’s all-time favourite thing to relax is to go camping by a river or lake. Final note who is Emma’s favourite player; is Collingwood’s very own Scott Pendlebury