DVBA would like to congratulate Carmela Grgas-Bego as DVBA’s very first recipient as Volunteer of the Month.

With an impressive 10-year journey at the Marymede Flames Basketball Club, Carmela is a member who is known around the club for her commitment, unity, and selfless service.

For the past nine years, Carmela held the vital position as a Team Manager, steering teams through 18 seasons with unwavering dedication. Carmela’s role as the Team Manager liaison has been nothing short of exceptional. In charge of managing and coordinating over 50 team managers, she has been instrumental in ensuring the seamless operation of the teams. Her impact extends beyond the field as she actively participates in the Marymede Flames Basketball Club.

Carmela extended her influence within the general committee, where her contributions have been invaluable. Her involvement in Flames events, including Marymede Flames Day, end-of-season break-ups, and Marymede Flames team photo sessions, showcasing her commitment to enhancing every aspect of the club.

Most recently, Carmela took the helm of the Fundraising team, showcasing her leadership. In a single year, her team raised an impressive $5K, not just in funds but in unity and friendships. These funds were reinvested back into the club, benefiting the young athletes.

“Under Carmela’s guidance, the Fundraising team orchestrated memorable events like Movie Night and Trivia Night. Countless hours were dedicated to securing sponsors, a testament to Carmela’s determination to benefit her club.” As quoted from the club.

The DVBA community would like to celebrate Carmela, and the profound difference one volunteer can make in the community. “She is not just a volunteer; she is the reason our club stands strong and united. Thank you, Carmela, for being the driving force behind our success and the embodiment of the Marymede Flames spirit. Carmela Grgas-Bego’s impact has been immeasurable. Her unwavering commitment, tireless efforts, and ability to bring people together are the cornerstones of the club’s success.” As quoted from the club.
Congratulations Carmela.